Why work with us?

We believe that a professionally-handled contract channels the client towards a path where the odds of success are increased manifold at all stages from project acquisition, execution, as well as in timely close out thereby optimizing the client's resources.

Our processes are structured, our tools continuously improved and our staff trained considering:

  • The imperative for timely decisions and ensuring the flow of accurate information across various levels of a project’s participants

  • Managing risks and minimising the potential for delays

  • Tailoring the procurement strategy to address project-specific conditions

  • On-time delivery and adherence to budgets that are the foundation stones of every project

  • The need to provide proactive advice on how contracts can be governed and dealt with to prevent claims and to deal with claims should they occur

Moreover, collaborating effectively on all contractual interfaces at the onset develops a foundation for strong professional relationships between all project parties- which is at the heart of a successful project story.