“Renewable Energy: Re-energising Lives, Rejuvenating the Planet!”

For close to two centuries, the dependence on fossil fuels as primary sources of energy has increased exponentially. While these fuels underpin the growth of industrialisation and help improve the standard of living, they are also largely responsible for a majority of global greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. They have also adversely affected human health and longevity.

To curtail these challenges, there is a need to rapidly shift towards non-polluting sectors, i.e. renewable

sources of energy. In the coming decades, renewable energy will play a key role in the decarbonisation of the energy systems, and in turning back the clock on pollution, sustainability and

green living. And as concerns about climate change surge, and companies seek cost-effective strategies to lower their energy costs, the renewable energy industry will continue to grow all over

the world.

VS Enterprises :- plans to be at the forefront of this revolution! Our team of experts and associates work

closely with our clients to investigate, analyse, understand and oversee the installation of renewable

energy systems. We perform assessments to determine energy consumption, and recommend energy- and cost-saving alternatives appropriate to the client’s needs. We also help with the

generation of energy usage audit reports, trends assessment and forecasting. Our experts have the

experience and know-how to provide recommendations to lower costs and to boost performance of renewable energy systems.

VS Enterprises:- is one of the few Indian companies that offer a key mix of skills, experience and industry expertise in the renewable energy sector. We provide consultancy in three key aspects – commercial, technical and regulatory, and have a global footprint, as proved by our international

client base.